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CS6-CFT, ugradni 100V zvučnik

CS6-CFT, ugradni 100V zvučnik

Koaksijalni ugradni 100V zvučnik. Sam zvučnik je prečnika 6 inča (152mm) dok sa maskom ima ukupan prečnik 8.97 inča (227mm) i nazivne snage 30W. Ima zaseban visokotonac radi čistijeg i jasnijeg zvuka. Isporučuje se sa transformatorom sa više izvoda.



The CS-6CFT is a coaxial high performance ceiling loudspeaker system. The design features an overall outside diameter of 8.97 inches (227mm) and utilizes a nominal 6 inch (152mm) low frequency woofer. The coaxially mounted high frequency transducer insures clean upper range vocal performance and extended high frequency response. The CS-6CFT features a 30 watt program power rating, making the system ideal for standard ceiling heights. The CS-6CFT has a rated frequency response of 65Hz to beyond 20 kHz, making the product an ideal choice for high performance, high fidelity background music systems and general paging systems. The unit is equipped with a wide bandwidth line matching transformer for large scale distributed installations. The power taps are 10 watts, 5 watts, and 2.5 watts. The CS-6CFT exhibits wide bandwidth and has a rated frequency response of 65Hz to 20 kHz. The CS-6CFT has an integral mounting system that will accommodate a wide variety of ceiling materials and dimensions.


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