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E15-200S, feritni magnet, bas, mid-bass

Ekonomičan zvučnik za bas / srednje-bas područje. Za dvo ili višesistemske zvučne kutije…


The E15-200S is a fine example of a high quality transducer providing the right balance between performance and engineering costs. This ferrite low frequency driver satisfies the demand for a 15″ loudspeaker which combines excellent linearity with good sensitivity and power handling characteristics. The E15-200S has been designed for two-way or multi-way reflex systems. When used in a two-way system, we recommend a 1″ exit HF compression driver match for the best sound quality results. The high quality paper cone has a smooth, P.audio specified curvilinear profile design that eliminates bell-mode resonance within the intended frequency range. The cone is carried by a specially treated and dampened double half-roll linen suspension designed to control excursion while maintaining piston action linearity. Voice coil cooling has been achieved by incorporating airways between the chassis back plate and the magnetic top plate, allowing heated air from the voice coil and gap to be channeled away and dissipated by the chassis basket. This technology is the result of a meticulous 3D CAD design project.


Nominal Diameter	390 mm, 15.4 Inch
Rated Impedance	8 Ω
Power Handling Capacity	250 Watts
Sensitivity 2.83 V, 1M	96.7 dB
Effective Piston Diameter	325 mm, 12.8 Inch
Voice Coil Diameter	63.70 mm, 2.5 Inch

Thiele – Small Parameters

Resonance Frequency 	Fs	42.9 Hz
DC Resistance	Re	6.4Ω
Mechanical Q Factor	Qms	5.374
Electrical Q Factor	Qes	0.492
Total Q Factor	Qts	0.451
BL Factor	BL	15.84 T x m
Effective Moving Mass	Mms	71.45 gr
Equivalent Cas air load	Vas	188.01 liters
Effettive piston area 	Sd	0.0830 m2
Voice - coil inductance @ 1KHz	Le1K	1.13 mH
Half-space efficiency	Eff	2.93 %
Airgap Height	Hag	10.0 mm
Voice coil Height	Hvc	13.0 mm
Voice Coil Over-Hung	Xmax	1.5 mm

Physical Information

Basket	Blue Stamp Steel
Magnet type, size ODxIDxH (mm.) 156 X 80 X 20	Ferrite | 49.7 oz
Voice coil Former	Kapton
Voice coil Material	SV-W
Cone Material	Pulp Paper
Surround	Treated Cloth
Spider	Cotton
Dust Cap	Paper
Unit Weight 	5.3 Kgs.
Gross Weight	6.1 Kgs.
Packing Dimension WxLxH (Cm.)	40.0 X 40.0 X 20.0, 1.13 Cu.Ft.

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