IRL-24 kontroler za LED rasvetu

IRL-24 kontroler za LED rasvetu

Kombinovani kontroler za LED rasvetu

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Size / Description:
24 key infrared wireless controller (aluminum version) is used to control the various kinds of led lamps as the light source, such as: LED module, LED flexible light strip, light source, etc.; with wiring, easy to use and simple; by infrared Remote dimming static, dynamic speed adjustment and other functions.

First, the technical parameters

● Operating temperature: -20-60 ℃
● Supply Voltage: DC5V, 12V, 24V optional (order specify required voltage)
● Output: 3 channels ● Connection: common cathode or common anode (Order must be marked)
● Overall dimensions: L130ΧW64ΧH24 mm
● Net weight: 185g
● Output current: <4A (per loop)
● Output Power: 5V <60W, 12V <144W /, 24V <288W
● 5050LED light bar (30 per meter 5050LED lamp), LED light source 900.

Second, the remote control panel, change the corresponding style sheet:

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