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Karakteristike kartice:

HD-A41 huidu p10-1r outdoor led display module red dot led card controler

1. The packing details

1PCS HD-Q40 + 1PCS CD of software

2. Connected ways:

for example P10 singe color, the display port is HUB12 usually
Controller of HUB12*1 connected to led display of First Height of input Hub12
Controller of HUB12*2 connected to led display of Second Height of input Hub12

for Example p10 Dual color , the display port is HUB08 usually
Controller of HUB08*1 connected to led display of First Height of input Hub08
Controller of HUB108*2 connected to led display of Second Height of input Hub08
Like this . so on .

3. The below showing serial line of RS232,the communication distance it is 70m

4. For use USB port,no need putting lines, no need computer

1) Edit the program in software
2) then click software “to U-disk”,the program import to your flash memory( U-disk)
3) Pull out the Flash memory ( U-disk) to the USB port of controller, the program updated

5.Software HD2014 Operate interface:

Prodaja LED-ekrana u Srbiji, Bosni i Hercegovini, Hrvatskoj, Makedoniji, Crnoj Gori i okruženju. Wizard Sound&Light, Ticanova 27, 22400 Ruma. 022/430-520, 064/8298-700


1. All our controller updated to the 4th Generation,software updated to HD2014,
add new functions:
1).The controller recognized serial port automatically
2).Support animation font,hollow font,describe font border(stroke)
3).District boarder and back groud
4).Time,Clock,Count,Temperature font of free size
5).Add Time zone,show different country time
6).Abundant Clock functions and back ground
7).Add Remote control funtions of the controller
8).The controller itself have single dual color and tricolor firmware
9).Add larger Ethernet port controller and WIFi Controller and USB port



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