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1.Port Instruction of HD-X40 single dual color USB port LED scrolling message card:

1: USB port, connected to USB device, e.g. U-disk, Mobile hard disk,etc.

2: Power Supply port, 2 Pin Power supply terminal connected to 5v power supply.

3: light dependent resistor port,can install a Brightness sensor to adjust brightness level.

4: switch button,200 programs are available, can be switched by buttons or remote control.

5: Temperature sensor port, can install a temperature sensor.

6: The second group type hub12 port connect second module high with hub12.

7: The first group type hub08 port connect one module high with hub08.

8: The first group type hub12 port connect first module high with hub12.

9: remote control port, can install a remote control receiver.


2. Features of HD-A40 single dual color USB port LED scrolling message card :


1.1.USB port and Support all languages(Software :HD2014).

2.Add Remote control funtions of the controller .

3.Via u-disk to updated firmware/send data/ajust time/ defined time.

4.U-disk to infinitely expand the memory storage , U-disk plug-and-play.

5.Support 200pcs Programs and 8 Districts.
6. More than 200 types showing effects.
7.Support Time,Temperature,Clock,Counter,Animation,Text, Picture etc.


3. Configuration Details Parameter of HD-A40 single dual color USB port LED scrolling message card :

Display effects1. Text, image, time, count, temperature (Module is required to be connected.), etc.;

2. Support the settings of program/area/custom borders;

3. Various action modes;

4. Over 40 special character effects;

5. Support simple animated characters;

6. Support hollow/stroked characters;

7. Support the background settings of area characters;

Function of clock1. Support calendar/analog clock;

2. Clockwise/counter-clockwise count;

3. The font, size, color and position can be set freely;

4. Support multiple time zones;

ExpandersTemperature/humidity/remote control/light sensorsAutomatic switch screenSupport time switchLuminance controlSupport three luminance modes


4. Dimension Chart of HD-A40 single dual color USB port LED scrolling message card :


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FLASH capacity2M Byte(able to expand to 8M Byte)
Communication portU-Disk
ColorDouble-color supports red, green and yellow.
Program quantityTwo hundred programs are available, which can be switched by buttons or remote control.
Area quantityEight areas with separate zone, special effect and border
LED pixel64(H)×1024(W)(The resolution is 24K.)
Display contentsText, image, time, temperature, count, animated characters, etc.
Display modesDisplay in order, switch by buttons or remote control