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PRIJEMNA KARTICA WIFI HD-A30 full color HD video (LED-ekran)

1. Features:

  1. Support Indoor & outdoor full-color & single/dual color module &Virtual module
  2. Support Video,Animation, Graphics,Images,Text, etc.
  3. Support 0~65536 gray level
  4. U-disk to infinitely expand the memory storage , U-disk plug-and-play
  5. Support Standard two-track stereo output
  6. No need set IP, HD-A30/ A30+ could be identified by controller ID automatically
  7. Support network cluster management and Internet/3G remote management.

2. Port Instruction of HD-A30 Huidu Outdoor SMD LED Display Controller:

1: USB port, connected to USB device, e.g. U-disk, Mobile hard disk,etc.
2: Audio output port, support standard two-track stereo output.
3: Input Network port,1000M network port, working status:D11 green lamp normally on, D2 green lamp flicker.
4: Output network port,1000M network port, working status:D13 green lamp normally on,D9 green lamp flicker.
5: Power Supply port, 2 Pin Power supply terminal connected to 5v power supply.
6: 3G model port.
7: Power lamp-D4 green, working status: Normally on,Run Lamp D17 green, working status:Flicker.
8: SIM Card slot, inserted with 3G/4G card for 3G/4G internet solutions.
9: 50pin row needles port ,connected to various screen through hub board
Note: A30+ has not this kind of port.
10: Display lamp-D7 green, working status: Flicker.

3. Dimension Chart for HD-A30 Huidu Outdoor SMD LED Display Controller:

(1). Sending card HD-A30/A30+:


(2). Receiving card HD-R500:


(3). Receiving card HD-R501:

4. Application of HD-A30 Huidu Outdoor SMD LED Display Controller:

(1). Connection guide:

(2). Support directly LAN connection and 3G/4G/WIFI wireless connection to update program and mnagement:

(1). used for Car moving advertising p10/p16 etc.LED display:

(2). used for outdoor road signs advertising p10/P13/p16 full color led display:

(3). used for indoor project of p3/p4/p5/p6/p8 full color led display:

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