WL-7001, flexibilna LED traka

WL-7001, flexibilna LED traka

FLEXIBILNI NEON-silikonsko crevo sa LED diodama, 100% svetlosni efekat neona, (savijate ih po zelji i preoblikujete kasnije ponovo, sto sa klasicnim neon-om ne mozete, prednost im je sto ih ne mozete polomiti i ne treba im visoko naponski transformator – rade na direktnih 220v ili cak na 12/24V! Dostupno u svim bojam, kao i u RGB varijanti (menjanje boja u svim duginim bojama)

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◎This rope light covers all advantages of LED linear light,for example,high and even brightness,long lifetime and durability,energy saving,flexibility,safety,transportable,and easy to install;
◎ These rope lights are more flexible and smaller than traditional
linear lights,so It can be folded together to be shaped easily;
◎ They are widely used in buildings, pubs etc. For decoration;
◎ The waterproof rate is as high as IP 65.


Length in Roll    9.1m 9.1m 10.0m    48.8m 48.8m 49.4m       30Ft        50Ft
LED Spacing       0.5”           0.5”          0.5”       0.5”
Total No. of LED   720 720 792      3840 3840 3888      720 720 720    3600 3600 3600
Total Watts     36W 28.7W 39.6W   192.6W 154W 195.4W   36W 28.8W 36W  180W 144W 180W
No.of LED per unit  120 120 72         120 120 72       60 60 36     60 60 36
Cutting unit     1.52m 1.52m 0.91m   1.52m 1.52m 0.91m    2.5Ft 2.5Ft 1.5Ft  2.5 Ft 2.5 Ft 1.5 Ft
Watts per Meter
of Meter or Foot
3.9   3.2   4    3.9   3.2   4    1.2  0.96  1.2    1.2  0.96  1.2
W/m  W/m  W/m   W/m  W/m  W/m   W/Ft  W/Ft  W/Ft   W/Ft  W/Ft  W/Ft
LED colour     R Y,O G,B          R Y,O G,B         R Y,O G,B     R Y,O G, B
Max.Loading Length (with 1.6A converter)97m 122m 96m     97m 122m 96m    160Ft 200 Ft 159
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