CDJ 5000:

MP3 Play Back
Next Track Reserve
Cross Fade
Hot start and stutter
Seamless Loop
B Trim
Auto BPM Counter, BPM Lock, Manual Tap and Manual BPM Input
On Board Effects: Echo/Loop, Flanger, Filter
Flatter Mode: Drag Start, Brake, RVS
Pitch/Key Adjust
Digital Out
Fader Start
Shockproof Memory
CD Text
CD-R/RW Play Back
Power on Play
Scratch Stroke

DJM 203:

Professional 2-channel ultra low-noise DJ mixer wit additional mic input and earphone monitor.
Intelligent dual auto-BPM counter.
Super-smooth ULTRAGLIDE faders with up to 500,000 life cycles.
VCA fader engines for utmost reliability and smooth audio performance.
Dedicated curve control for all faders.
Professional crossfader reverse switch.
Awesome adjustable XPQ stereo surround effect.
3-band kill EQ(-20dB),gain and balance control per channel.
PFL function with CH-1/CH-2 balance control.
Precise master/cue level meter with peak hold function.