24-bit ,48kHz sampling rate
Internal 32-bit DSP processing
A flexible 2 inputs, 6 outputs multi-mode
crossover format
– 2x2way + 2 sub crossover
– 2x3way crossover
– 4 way + 2 aux crossover
– 5 way + 1 aux crossover
– 6 way crossover
Each parametric section provides Limit control
Each parametric section has 5 bands PEQ with frequency, gain and bandwidth adjustable
Each channel max 7 ms delay with parameters adjustable
Low pass crossover range: 35Hz~22kHz, 377 positions
Frequency respond: 20Hz~20kHz
RS232 control(with PC software)
10 user memories
8×7 LED inputs/outputs accurate level meters
2×20 LCD display with backlit


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