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The PHT-408 is a rectangular format high output integrated horn and driver. The system features a high sensitivity rating of 105dB at one watt and one meter. This makes the PHT-408 ideal for portable sound reinforcement system applications. The PHT-408 has been used very successfully in two way designs where the low frequency loudspeaker is a 12 inch or 15 inch professional quality transducer. The integrated horn and driver is used in many professional two way designs. The rated bandwidth of 2kHz to beyond 16kHz make this system ideal for two way system designs. The PHT-408 is ideal as a high frequency device for portable high performance sound reinforcement systems. The P Audio PHT-408 uses a small format diaphragm assembly that is optimized for wide band piston range response. This diaphragm format makes the compression driver perform well at extremely high frequencies. The rated coverage pattern offers included angles of 90 degree in the horizontal plane and 40 degree in the vertical plane. This dispersion pattern is ideal for wide coverage applications such as night clubs, pubs, and restaurant applications.


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Prečnik zavojnice: 1 inč (25.4 mm)

Nominalna impedansa: 8 oma

Otpor zavojnice (Voice Coil DC Resistance): 7.2 Oma

Snaga: 30W

Osetljivost: 105 dB za 1 W na 1 m

Tip magneta: Feritni

Materijal membrane: Phenolic Resin

Materijal horne: ABS polikarbonat sa staklenim vlaknima

Nominalni ugao pokrivanja (-6 dB): 90x40 stepeni

Donja rezna frekvencija (min.): 2 kHz

Potreban otvor za montažu: 120x160 mm

Neto težina: 0.93 kg

Bruto težina: 1.06 kg