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WA-780, spoljašnji menjač boje, flower efekat

Univerzalni aparat za nebo i spoljnju upotrebu. Može poslužiti kao tragač, nebeski šarač (search light) ali i za farbanje fasada jer poseduje CMY sistem mešanja boja uz dobijanje svih vidljivih nijansi.


3000/4000W Outdoor Light WA-780

• This is the lighting be designed fit to outdoor performance,lighting the city and signing the city.Which adopt steady lighting source and power supply of fore search light, the furthermore is that add CMY advances gradually the color system and X.Y of DMX controller. All of them make the light beam effect is incisively and vividly, is the best one for outdoor performance.
• Napajanje:AC220V-240V 50/60Hz
• Snaga:4400W
• Bulb:4000W Xenon bulb
• 13 standard DMX512 passage
• Manual ajustable focus system
• Pan fine-tune:340 degree, with the reposition closed loop system
• Tilt fine-tune: 240 degree, with the reposition closed loop system
Level/perpendicularity 8 bit /16bit resolution
• Electron adjust lightting and strobe:10-100% linearity adjustable, and the speed of the strobe is adjustable。Linearity become soft light gradually
• CMY stepless colours admixture system
• Two kinds of control method:DMX512 signal control principal and subordinate control with self-moving procedure Overhot protection
• DMX512 signal control lamps, with hot start-up function. IP44 Waterproof grade,fit for ourdoor perfomance
• N.W:105kg
• G.W:125kg
• Packing specification:780 X 800 X 1560mm

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