Whether unloading, moving or hoisting the array, no other rigging scheme can match the efficiency and elegance of this system. With the LI-10 module, rigging is so simple and efficient that, once on deck, a single crew person could have a full rig together and in the air in under ten minutes! Regardless of the array curvature, a LI-10 array never requires any tethering, even when configured for extreme down fill or up fill / balcony coverage.

Because the LI-10 system can create radically curved arrays without sacrificing sonic quality, the need for separate down fill or front fill systems is minimized. Flying from it’s standard bumper, operators can achieve down fill angles as radical as straight down at the deck without tethering. When additional down fill systems are no longer needed to get front-row coverage, FOH engineers benefit from boosted gain before feedback ratios from the mains with less stage interference, delivering the highest quality listening experience for the audience… while owners enjoy the advantage of a streamlined and highly versatile inventory. High-end sonic performance, Lightweight, simple to configure and highly versatile, LI-10 module is the ideal solution for small to medium venues.


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TRANSDUCER 2 x P.audio Model PA-1076N 250 mm (10 in), Low Frequency Neodymium Transducer, 2 x P.audio Model PA-450N (1" exit throat), Neodymium High Frequency Compression Driver, 2 x PH-14525 Line array horn.

System Power 800W RMS/ 1600W Program/ 3200W Peak

L.F 800 Watt RMS (2 x 400 Watts)

H.F 160 Watt RMS (2 x 80 Watts)


L.F 8 Ohm

H.F 8 Ohm

Frequency Response 65Hz - 18kHz

Dispersion 120º (Horizontal) x 10º (Vertical)

Sensitivity @ 1 Watt, 1 Metre 105 dB

Maximum SPL 136 dB

Protection From Processor

Connectivity 2-way Bi-amped System

Connectors 2 x Speakon, L.F.:±1 H.F.:±2


Net Weight 35 kg (77 lbs)

Gross Weight 39 kg (85.8 lbs)

Dimensions 632mm x 475mm x 322mm