P-Audio X-12P plastična zvučna kutija

P-Audio X-12P plastična zvučna kutija

Ultra lagana plastična zvučna kutija. Lakša od X-12HP za 1.6kg (ukupno 12.6kg). Sa jakim neodimijumskim basem 12 inča i neodimijumskim kompresionim drajverom. Za otvorom za montažu na stalak prečnika 38mm. Kućište od kvalitetnog i otpornog polikarbonata…


The P Audio X-Class series of portable and fixed install loudspeaker systems represent a unique combination of high performance and portability. The X-12P is a two way sound reinforcement system designed for both live music and full range fixed installations. The X-12P is a 12 inch two way system that features a broad coverage advanced flair high frequency horn and a high thermal capacity woofer. The rated coverage pattern of 90 degrees in the horizontal plane and 40 degrees in the vertical plane make the system ideal for wide coverage applications such as live performance reinforcement, mobile DJ systems, dance clubs and conference reinforcement systems. The X-12P is a light weight version of the X-12HP. The X-12P offers a weight reduction of approximately 3.5 lbs (1.6kg) but has slightly reduced power handling as compared to the X-12HP. The advanced flare horn is mated with a medium format professional compression driver that features high energy neodymium magnetics. The compression driver also features a commercially Polyetherimide Film diaphragm to minimize moving mass and generate extended bandwidth. The X-12P offers world class efficiency for high sound pressure level applications. The one watt, measured at one meter, output is 97dB, making the X-12P a true world class sound reinforcement system. The system offers a rated bandwidth of 60Hz to beyond 20kHz. This wide bandwidth, coupled with a program rated power handling of over 600 watts makes the X-12P ideal for a wide range of professional level portable and fixed install systems. The X-12P features a high impact injection molded enclosure with an integral 35mm stand mount adaptor and four recessed M10 mounting point for permanent installation applications. The system is a light weight design (28.4lbs, 12.9kg) and integral handles for easy transportation. The powder coated metal grill and high impact polycarbonate enclosure insures the X-12P can provide high output acoustic response, even in harsh physical environments. The X-12P offers very linear frequency response and excellent fidelity for a wide range of professional applications.

  • Neodimijumski visokotonski drajver sa titanijumskom membranom
  • Neodimijumski mid-bas 12 inca (300mm) sa neodimijumskim magnetom
  • Dvosistemska kutija za žive svirke ili fiksne instalacije
  • Otvor za stalak prečnika 38mm
  • Lakša od X15HP za 1,9kg (ukupno 12,6kg)
  • Dimenzije: 612mm x 417mm x 395mm
  • Kućište od kvalitetnog i otpornog polikarbonata

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