RY Sparkular



  • Composite Ti for stage effect, glow machine consumables.
  • Certified by China Supervision and Quality Control Center for Fireworks Products;
  • Classified as “not restricted, by special provision A3” by DGM, so it can be delivered by air, sea and truck, etc. Composite Ti is a long-life vacuum cleaner made of aluminum foil.


SPARKULAR mini is special for fun, wedding, etc, equipped with wireless and DMX dual control, making it simple and easy to operate.
SPARKULAR mini technologies integrating SPARKULAR mechanics, electronics, intelligent control, electromagnetics and aerodynamics. Listening to the demands of our customers in the wedding market makes the SPARKULAR mini smaller and more portable.
Mini sparkler machine has two control modes: DMX512 cable control, wireless remotecontrol, can be widely used in bar, indoor, stage, concert, entertainment.

Electronic Fireworks 7 Features:

1. Safely, without gunpowder, completely address potential safety hazards;
2. Protection of the environment, zero pollution, smoke-free, irritating odors, burning waste and noise;
3.Intelligent, digital, 1 ~ 5m high spray, spray time and spray effect can be controlled (manual or wireless remote control);
4. Low consumption, low cost, just need to add supplies, the equipment can be used indefinitely;
5. Mobile, flexible jet effect setup, multiple equipment groups can achieve running, opening and closing, firework music and other scene effects;
6. Compatible, when (can be used at any time) empty (indoor and outdoor can be used) friendly, production, injection, transportation is not restricted;
7. The operation is simple and the user experience is good.



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