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Scanner: 20KPPS high-speed optical scanner, ±25° Scanning

Laser for reference:

  • 100mW 532nm wavelength Green laser
  • 100mW 638nm wavelength Red laser
  • 800mW 450nm wavelength Blue laser
  • The Laser Parameters are subjected to change by factory without prior notice

The lighting Beam effects should make use fog or haze together to make the effect work. ..


  • Two floor designs. The optical components is at the top floor and the electronic components are at the first floor.
  • Optical floor is dust proof designs so as to save your maintenance costs even in the dusty area.
  • Electronic floor is equiped with 2 high-speed fans, so as to blow away the heat. Also there is a U shape heat sink under the diodes, so that can keep the optical floor in favorite working temperature to prolong the life of diodes.
  • Compacted designs(220*160*140mm), much lighter (3.5kg), easy to carry out or install and save delivery costs too.
  • RGB lasers are small beam and divergence. Beam diameter is


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